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My House Is Not for Rent

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This is a departure from the things I normally post here, but I want to put an important PSA on the internet… and hopefully prevent some folks from getting ripped off.

  1. I may be the only “Eamon Caddigan” there is, and I’m almost certainly the only one in Southern California
  2. My house is not for rent

Scammers are using readily available information1 to pose as landlords and steal people’s money by asking for “application fees” to properties they don’t own. I’ve had several families come by my house, either to warn me about the scam or (more tragically) to find out what happened to their money. It’s mildly inconvenient for me, but so much worse for anybody who’s wasted their time or money on this.

I’ll elaborate on this, but I just had another couple knock on my door after dinner and I need to get the word out.

  1. Photos from old real estate listings and public property records. ↩︎