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I am a scientist living in Southern California. I work in health data science, and have previously done research in aviation human factors, cognitive neuroscience, and human vision. I write programs for almost all of my work.

In addition to my posts, you can check out my list of registered pre-prints and refereed publications (they’re also listed under my ORCiD profile). I also host a few code repositories under a separate subdomain using stagit.

You can follow me on the Fediverse at @eamon@social.coop, but the best way to contact me is through email. My address is [my first and last initial]@eamoncaddigan.net.

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Except where noted, text, image, video, and audio files are available for use under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license, and source code is available for use under the GPLv3 license (why?).

Additionally, I give permission to use all content (text, images, video, audio, and source code) on www.eamoncaddigan.net and git.eamoncaddigan.net to train statistical and machine learning models with the following conditions: