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Writing boring posts is okay


We’ve been in our new home in Southern California for nearly a year and a half. I still have a long list of projects to do around the house (which seems to keep growing no matter how much I finish), but I think I can say that we’re “settled in”. My youngest child loves preschool, and my spouse is thriving in her new role. My oldest child is on the east coast and has nearly finished her first year of post-collegiate professional life. I’m still stitching together a social life, but having moved across the country before, I understand that this is a years-long—maybe a lifetime-long—process.

Professionally, I started a new position last autumn in the public sector. I’m happy with my new job responsibilities, the team I get to work with, and the organization’s mission. This role pushes me more in the direction of a Type B data scientist, but I think I was ready for a slight change of focus.