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This is just a collection of interesting (and not necessarily recent) Git posts from around the web. I may update this as I find new things.


Mikkel Paulson — Git is my buddy: Effective Git as a solo developer

I love reading about how other people use Git, and like Mikkel I am usually using it as a “solo developer”. It’s interesting how different his approach is from my own. I think that’s partly due to us being in different lines of work (I haven’t been paid to put anything on the web since the 1990s), but it also suggests that I could be doing things better.

Sandra Snan — The life-changing magic of git

A nice introduction to Git. I really appreciate how it defines the most common pieces of Git jargon.

Nick Farina — Git is simpler than you think

This is an older post, written at a time when many programmers were still using Subversion, and it’s worth checking out for the vintage screenshots alone. But it also serves as a great introduction to what Git is doing under the hood.

Julia Evans — Inside .git

This comic (with accompanying text) goes even deeper into what Git is actually doing. A “Git repository” is just regular directory full of source code (or whatever) called the “working copy”, plus a .git directory containing a collection of special files. This breaks down all those files.


Dan Kelch — Nobody cares about your Git history

You can ignore the provocative title (or appreciate it), but really this is good guidance on how to think about rebasing vs. merging.

Alex Kladov — Git things

“A grab bag of less frequently talked about git adjacent points.” The stuff about CI and code review is always fascinating to me—a “solo developer”—a window into a whole other world of writing code for a living. The tips for working on merge commits are great, and I’ve adopted Alex’s advice on moving files and starting with empty commits.