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My 2023 December Adventure

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I participated in December Adventure this year and posted nearly daily updates on this page.

My project was written for uxn, as a follow-up to my recent exploration in PostScript, and heavily inspired by this amazing web tribute to Forth. My goal is to eventually build a game to help me learn Morse Code1, but for now I’m happy to have accomplished simple things like printing text to the screen and playing Morse Code beeps.

You can learn more about what I managed to do in my final post, or go straight to the repo.

  1. There are already a few programs for this—I’ve used Just Learn Morse Code which runs on my Linux laptop fairly well with Wine—but this seems like a fun project whether I ever finish or not because it utilizes so many of the basic functions of an interactive program (drawing to the screen, playing sounds, responding to input, managing precise timings). ↩︎